CLERKENWELL DESIGN WEEK 2018 May 30 2018, 0 Comments

Clerkenwell Design Week has always been reknowned for exhibiting innovative and upcoming designers in the heart of London. Spread across the Clerkenwell District, Design Week is not your run of a mill exhibition; you can walk the streets (and boy were they worth walking this year, the weather was glorious!), experience the crypt, take stock in the park and head underground.



Located in the Platform domain of the show, we were lucky enough to exhibit in the subterranen House of Detention, enhanced by the atmospheric architecture, Platform created a stunning backdrop to the curated collectoin of upcoming designers  down in the moody cells of a disused penitentiary block. 


It was great to see such a varied and intense interest in not only our exhibit but in those around us down in the cells. Although being underground did have its disadvantages, our Marketing Assistant had to deploy some socks and a wooly hat having packed for the summer weather! 

We'd like to thank Clerkenwell Design Week for having us and look forward to participating again next year!